Oklahoma Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

By - July 16, 2019
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DOJ Probing Whether Johnson & Johnson Hid Talcum Powder Cancer Risk

Americans know Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. It is one of the most recognized brand names in the country. But in the last three years, this famous product has been tainted by a cancer scandal.

Scientific evidence from many sources has been exposed that show a possible cancer link with the J&J consumer product. It is theorized by some scientists that some raw talc sourced by J&J contained minute amounts of asbestos – a human carcinogen most often associated with mesothelioma, and now, ovarian cancer. Evidence has come out during personal injury lawsuits that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the possible risk, but never admitted it.

Because of a possible cancer link, some Oklahoma women with cancer are taking the matter to court. Some women who used talcum powder on their genitals and other areas believe their long-term use of the product may have caused their cancer.

The DOJ Criminal Probe

To date, there have been many successful personal injury lawsuits filed against J&J. Some of these lawsuits reached a verdict that awarded some cancer victims millions of dollars – a total of $5 billion in payouts so far. (Foxnews.com). In a California lawsuit, the jury awarded $30 million to a woman claiming the powder caused her mesothelioma. (FoxNews.com)

Now, the media reported recently, a federal grand jury was convened in Washington DC to look at what company officials knew and when about talcum powder use and cancer. J&J faces 14,000 lawsuits alleging baby powder causes cancer. Now – a criminal probe.

The criminal probe is based in part on internal J&J documents released during several trials. They suggest company officials knew some talc samples tested positive for asbestos and never told American consumers or regulators.

Lawsuits and Criminal Investigation – A Huge Legal Headache

The personal injury lawsuit verdicts and this new criminal probe are serious problems for J&J. Both the verdict and the response by DOJ officials to the scandal show people want answers. Does baby powder cause cancer? If it does, why did the company fail to tell anyone? For its part, J&J forever says their product does not cause cancer – whether it contains asbestos or not.

But a Reuters story made this harder to believe. The news agency did a report in 2018 that showed many company documents from the 1970s mentioned there was asbestos in some talc samples. (Reuters.com)

Our baby powder attorneys in Oklahoma want J&J to answer for what it knew and when. If its product did cause cancer in some people and they withheld information, they should have to pay.

A Possible Cancer Link?

Ovarian cancer occurs in 1 in 75 women at some point in their lives. That is, the cancer is fairly common. But research on J&J baby powder suggests some women could have a higher cancer risk who use the powder on their genitals. The talcum powder, possibly tainted with asbestos, may work its way into the ovaries and cause cancer. Or, the woman breathes in talcum powder dust and it causes mesothelioma in some users. (center4research.org).

J&J does not want people in Oklahoma to know, but many thousands more Americans might have been diagnosed with cancer this year because they used talcum powder with asbestos in it. The asbestos may have been in the powder many years ago, but the cancer diagnosis can take a long time to come.

The evidence we highlight below suggests talcum powder at J&J and other companies could contain asbestos. When talc is taken from the earth, it is often mixed with asbestos. If the talc is not fully processed to remove most or all of the asbestos out, cancer can occur. Also, it has been shown the company only tests a tiny amount of its talc for asbestos.

A talcum industry association stated in the 1970s that talc should be 99.9% pure and free of asbestos after processing. This was not always the case for J&J. It is uncertain the level of asbestos that need be present in talc for cancer to happen. But if you have cancer and convince a jury of the cancer link, you could be awarded damages into the millions of dollars.

Oklahoma Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers have effectively handled many talcum powder lawsuits in the Sooner State. Our track record of success is notable. We are proud to hold this company to task for possibly causing cancer in some customers. If you developed cancer after using baby powder, we hope this page is a good legal resource.

Should You File a Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

Do you have cancer and a history of using baby powder on your body? You could have massive medical costs, plus lost earnings, an inability to provide for your family, and pain and suffering. Call the law office of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C. for a free legal consultation.

No Class Action Lawsuits

Some Oklahomans understandably think their lawsuit is part of a class action. But all of these personal injury cases are handled individually in our office. If our attorneys can provide enough evidence of a link between baby powder and your cancer, you will receive considerable compensation, in all likelihood.

Talcum Powder FAQs for Oklahoma Women

Have questions about filing a cancer lawsuit in Oklahoma? Here are some common questions and answers.

What is the statute of limitations to file a product liability or personal injury lawsuit in Oklahoma?

You have two years from the date of injury to file suit in most cases. But in a cancer case where the product may have been used many years ago, you have two years from the date of diagnosis to file a claim.

Who can file a personal injury lawsuit in this state?

Most cancer victims file the case themselves. But if you are too ill or pass away, your parents, grandparents, children or spouse can file for you. If you die, this legal action is called a wrongful death lawsuit. Your family could be eligible for similar compensation as you, if you had lived.

How hard is it for you to show talcum powder caused my ovarian cancer or mesothelioma?

This is a civil lawsuit, so the standard of proof is lower than a criminal case. Your attorney only needs to prove there MAY be a link between J&J baby powder and your cancer. Not all juries believe it, but some will.

You Do Not Pay Unless We Win!

The law office of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C. and its Oklahoma personal injury attorneys can help you obtain compensation for your baby powder cancer. Please contact us now for a complimentary consultation. You only pay at the end of the case if we win, so you have nothing to risk.


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