Maine Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

By - July 31, 2019
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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $10 Million in Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Since 2015, clinical trials and other scientific evidence has shown that using talcum powder and baby powder on the female genitals can cause ovarian cancer in some women. Other women may also develop mesothelioma, which is a terrible cancer that affects the lining of the lungs. In both types of cancer, the presence of small quantities of asbestos in baby powder may have caused cancer to develop.

Maine women who used baby powder for years made by Johnson & Johnson have filed personal injury lawsuits against the consumer healthcare giant. In some cases, the plaintiffs have been awarded millions of dollars in damages.

There have been many successful personal injury lawsuits against J&J since 2015 that showed there may be a link between talcum powder use and cancer. For instance, in June 2019, a jury in California ruled in favor of a women who claimed her mesothelioma was caused by J&J and Colgate-Palmolive baby powder. The plaintiff won $4.8 million in damages from both firms. She told the jury she got mesothelioma after using Baby Powder made by J&J and also Cashmere Bouquet manufactured by Colgate. (

This case was a major legal setback for J&J. The company makes dozens of consumer healthcare products, not just Baby Powder. It is facing more than 13,000 lawsuits from plaintiffs claiming its Baby Powder caused their ovarian cancer or mesothelioma. Also in 2019, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay damages of $300 million to a woman in New York who got cancer from using baby powder.

In the above cases, juries believed the company was reckless and negligent because it apparently knew some talc had tested positive for asbestos, yet it failed to warn the public of dangers.

These facts mean that personal injury lawsuits against J&J are becoming common in Maine. These lawsuits intend to prove the company’s baby powder can contain asbestos and may cause cancer with regular use.

Our Maine asbestos cancer attorneys believe J&J has misled the public. Any woman who used baby powder for female hygiene on a regular basis and has cancer may want to consider filing a claim against the company.

The Cancer Connection With J&J Baby Powder

Baby powder’s primary ingredient is talc. Talc is a very useful, soft mineral that is used for many consumer and industrial purposes. But talc often occurs in nature near asbestos deposits. So, some raw talc can be mixed with dangerous asbestos. It is vital that J&J companies process the talc so that as much asbestos is removed as possible.

Consumer products containing talcum powder must be free of asbestos. But some J&J and outside company tests have shown over time that some talc did contain asbestos and got into the company’s finished powders. It is thought that even a trace of asbestos in baby powder that is used regularly may trigger cancer in some consumers. (

Maine Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Maine women who used J&J Baby Powder for years may benefit from filing a personal injury lawsuit against the company. If they have cancer, they probably have medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. They deserve compensation.

These lawsuits have a higher success rate now. At the end of 2018, the media company Reuters did a review of J&J internal documents. Those documents showed the company was aware of some positive asbestos tests for its talcum powder. There were many inside and outside lab tests conducted in the 70s that showed the presence of asbestos in talc samples. But the company decided to not mention it to regulators or the public. (

Maine Women Want Answers About Their Baby Powder Cancer

Our Maine talcum powder cancer attorneys know Maine consumers want answers from J&J about what they knew and when. And if they want to file a lawsuit, they usually have many questions. For example, do you wonder what you have to pay to file and win a lawsuit against J&J? The answer is usually nothing. We do not charge up front legal fees to sue J&J. We are paid by a contingency agreement at the end of the case of about 33% from the money you win. You do not pay a dime unless we recover compensation for you. If you want to file suit, please contact the law office of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C.

Maine Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Maine women who have been diagnosed with cancer related to the use of baby powder may be able to show a jury that their cancer was caused by J&J negligence. If so, they may win ample compensation to cover some of their damages, such as medical bills and lost earnings.

Get Compensation for Your Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer

If you file a personal injury lawsuit in Maine against J&J, you may get millions in compensation if we can convince the jury of the baby powder-cancer link. For example, a verdict in 2018 in Missouri awarded 22 women $4.7 billion in damages because their use of baby powder may have caused their ovarian cancer. (

A Maine Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit Is Not a Class Action Lawsuit

If you file a claim with our office, your lawsuit will not be part of a class action lawsuit where you win little compensation. If we convince the jury of the baby powder-cancer connection, you will likely win ample compensation.

Maine Baby Powder Cancer FAQs

Below are common questions and answers about Maine baby powder cancer lawsuits.

How much time do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Maine?

Maine is generous in that you have six years from the date of injury or diagnosis to file a claim.

Who can file a personal injury or product liability claim in Maine?

You can file the claim yourself, but if you are too ill or die, your direct family can file. People eligible to file include your parents, spouse, and children.

How can I prove in court that baby powder caused my cancer?

Your case does not have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If our attorneys can convince a jury that baby powder you used may have contained asbestos, it can be enough to win compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

You Will Not Pay Legal Fees Unless We Win

Our talcum powder cancer attorneys at the law offices of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C. will do their best to hold J&J accountable for their corporate negligence. We will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve for your cancer caused by baby powder. Please call our office today to review your case at no charge.


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