Arizona Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

By - July 29, 2019
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Department of Justice Investigating If J&J Concealed Cancer Risk of Baby Powder

Most people in America know about Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. It has been used in millions of American homes for over 100 years. But in the past several years, Baby Powder from J&J has been getting substantial negative publicity.

There has been clinical study evidence and many personal injury lawsuits that suggest a possible link between talcum powder (used in J&J Baby Powder) and some types of cancer – particularly ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. The theory is that some raw talc mined by the company in the US and Europe once contained small amounts of asbestos – a human carcinogen that causes cancer. When some people, usually women, dusted themselves with baby powder on their genitals, it is thought that some of the powder contained asbestos and may have caused their cancer.

Evidence also has been revealed during litigation that J&J was aware of some of its talc testing positive for asbestos for more than 30 years, but the company chose not to inform the public.

Because of the possibility of a cancer link with baby powder, some women in Arizona have filed personal injury lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for their damages, including medical bills, lost earnings and pain and suffering. Some women who used the powder for decades claim this use caused their ovarian cancer.

The Department of Justice Criminal Probe

As of 2019, there have been many successful baby powder cancer lawsuits. Some of these legal actions came to a verdict that awarded cancer victims millions of dollars each. Altogether, $5 billion has been awarded to various cancer plaintiffs in the past few years. In a lawsuit in California, the state jury awarded the plaintiff with mesothelioma $30 million.

Now, the news gets worse for J&J. The media reported this month that a federal grand jury has been brought in in Washington DC to discuss what the company knew and when about asbestos in its baby powder. It is possible that criminal charges could eventually be filed against some company employees, if the federal jury believes there is enough evidence that the company hid important safety information. (

The criminal probe is being performed largely because of the release of internal Johnson & Johnson documents that showed many company officials knew some of their talc tested positive for asbestos. Yet, they failed to warn American customers or regulators of anything.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and a Criminal Probe

The many verdicts that have gone against J&J lately for their powders causing cancer, plus the recent criminal investigation, indicate that Americans inside and outside the government want answers from the healthcare company. Is it true that baby powder causes cancer? Do some talc samples from J&J contain traces of asbestos? How much asbestos in talc is ‘safe’?

J&J always states that whether their powders contain asbestos or not, they are always safe and do not cause cancer. However, a 2018 Reuters story made this claim harder to swallow. The news media company performed a large study last year that showed many Johnson & Johnson company documents from decades ago stated that some independent and company lab tests dating as far back as the 50s and 70s did test positive for asbestos. (

This is damning evidence. Our baby powder cancer attorneys in Arizona want to know what J&J knew about asbestos in its products and when. If Baby Powder did lead to cancer in some users, and they hid vital health information from the public, the company should pay damages.

Is Baby Powder Use Linked to Cancer?

It is estimated that ovarian cancer occurs in one out of 75 women. The cancer is quite common, as cancers go, unfortunately. But clinical research on J&J powders finds some women users of the product have a higher risk of ovarian cancer. The powder, which may have been contaminated with asbestos, could get into the ovaries when it is dusted on the vagina. Or, women breathe in talcum powder dust and this can cause mesothelioma, a deadly cancer of the lung lining caused by asbestos exposure. (

It appears Johnson & Johnson does not want people in Arizona to know, but many more Americans could have cancer today because they dusted themselves with baby powder containing asbestos. The asbestos could have been in the powder 25 years ago, but it can take many years for cancer to form.

The Reuters report shows J&J knew some of its raw talc and finished powders could contain asbestos and they did nothing about it. It is recommended by industry associations that talc should be 99.9% pure and free of any contaminants. But this did not always happen with asbestos, and sometimes, it may have caused cancer. It is unknown exactly how much asbestos needs to be in talcum powder to cause cancer. But if you used baby powder for years and can prove it, and have cancer, it is definitely possible to convince some juries that J&J is responsible.

Arizona Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Our Arizona personal injury attorneys have been highly efficient in handling talcum powder cancer lawsuits here. We have a good track record of success and can potentially recover you millions of dollars in damages for what J&J did to you. If you have gotten cancer after using baby powder, we hope you get some of your questions answered here.

Should I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Arizona?

Do you have ovarian cancer or mesothelioma, and a clear history of dusting your body with J&J Baby Powder? You probably have medical bills piled on your kitchen table, thousands of lost earnings, and are unable to pay your rent or mortgage. We can help you. Call the law office of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C. for a free legal consultation.

We Never File Class Action Lawsuits

Some Arizonans filing suit naturally wonder if these lawsuits will result in real compensation for their families. People think these lawsuits are of the class-action variety where only the lawyers get rich. No, this is a personal injury lawsuit that is based on your specific case circumstances. You stand to receive millions in compensation if the jury believes there is a link between J&J powder and your cancer.

Talcum Powder FAQs for Arizona Women

Do you want to file a baby powder cancer case in Arizona? Here is some important information to know:

What is the statute of limitations to file a product liability or personal injury lawsuit in Arizona?

You have two years usually from the date of injury to file a lawsuit. But given that your cancer may have been caused by baby powder use from years ago, these cases are different. Most litigants have two years from ‘the date of discovery’ to file suit. This date is usually when you were diagnosed by a doctor.

Who may file a personal injury lawsuit in Arizona?

If you have cancer and are well enough, you can file your claim on your own. If you are too ill or die from cancer, your loved ones can file for you. Typically, close family members will file for you, such as a spouse, child, parent, or grandparent.

How hard is it for you to show talcum powder caused my ovarian cancer or mesothelioma?

This lawsuit is civil in nature, so the standard of proof to win is lower. Your baby powder cancer lawyer only needs to show there could be a link between baby powder and your cancer. Some juries are open to this argument, but not all.

You Will Pay No Legal Fees Unless We Win Your Case

The law office of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C. and its Arizona personal injury lawyers are skilled and can help you obtain the compensation you need for your talcum powder cancer case. Please contact us now for a complimentary consultation. You only pay at the end of the case if we win, so you have nothing to risk.


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