What Types of Cancer is Talc Associated With?

By - July 15, 2019
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For years, many talcum-based baby powder manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson advertised the usage of these products to adults to help them “freshen up” between showers and reduce wetness, odor, and chafing. Due to these marketing messages, many women used baby powder and similar talc-based powders all over their bodies, including their genital areas. Research now shows a correlation between regular talcum powder usage in a woman’s genital region and various reproductive cancers, particularly ovarian cancer. The National Center for Health Research states that women who have used talcum powder are about 30% more likely to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer than those who haven’t. Mesothelioma, a cancer of the lungs that affects both women and men, is also correlated to asbestos, and at least one court case has ruled that talcum powder usage contributed to a man’s mesothelioma diagnosis.

Learn more about types of cancer caused by talcum powder exposure.

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