What is Talcum Powder’s Relation to Asbestos?

By - July 15, 2019
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Talc and asbestos are natural minerals which often form alongside each other. “Asbestos” actually refers to six different natural silicate minerals, all of which are made from fibrous crystals. Asbestos has long been associated with toxicity, illness, and death, particularly when its particles are inhaled. Exposure to the material has been associated with lung diseases and many cancers. Due to the proximity of asbestos and talc and the rate of contamination, the U.S. mandated in 1973 that all talc products must be free of asbestos, and quality control measures for talc were stepped up. However, since this time, many popular household talc-based cosmetic products have continued to test positive for asbestos, sparking doubt and fear in consumers.

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Melinda J.

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