How is Talcum Powder Commonly Used?

By - July 8, 2019
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Talcum powder is found most famously in beauty and cosmetics products, such as baby powder, foot or body powders, eye shadow, blush, and more. It has long been a popular beauty ingredient due to its silky nature and ability to act as a filler and dilution. Creamy products, such as deodorant, lotions, and even shampoos can also contain talcum powder for the same reasons. Talcum-based baby powders are arguably the most popular cosmetic talc product, due to their ability to protect against and alleviate chafing and wetness. Common beauty uses for talcum powders include:

  • Soothing irritated skin
  • Reducing skin-on-skin friction
  • Absorbing wetness and odors
  • Setting make-up
  • Freshening hair and absorbing oil like a dry shampoo
  • Sprinkling on the skin to help sand wipe away easily

Less commonly known, industrial-grade talcum powder can show up as an ingredient in many household goods, though it usually contains less pure talc than cosmetic-grade talc. It can be found in household cleaners, roofing, ceramics, flooring, and plastics.

Talc may also be found in certain foods and supplements as an anti-caking and separating agent.

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