Are men at risk of talcum powder-related cancers?

By - July 19, 2019
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While the media focuses more on women who got cancer from talcum powder, men can suffer from cancer by using the product, as well. In a baby powder cancer case in 2018, a man in was awarded $117 million for J&J allegedly causing his cancer.

The judge on the case found that Stephen Lanzo’s cancer was caused by his regular use of talcum powder that may have been tainted with asbestos. Lanzo’s cancer was mesothelioma, which develops in the lining of the lungs, as well as the organs in the abdomen. It is always caused by asbestos exposure, either through inhalation or swallowing. It is believed the cancer sufferer probably inhaled talcum powder dust tainted with asbestos. It also is possible to get mesothelioma that affects the testicles.

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